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Who is Mary?

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I made this composition, the background photo is not mine, is only a capture taken from a old flashversion. I wrote a details description into English
and I have overlaid the information on the picture.


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In the the 2007 documentary "Dangerous Days-Making Blade Runner - Blush Response: Assembling the Cast" both Stacey Nelkin (the actress that was supposed to play Mary) and Ridley Scott confirm that because of the writers strike and budget limits the part of Mary, a 5th replicant not 6th, was cut from the movie. No scenes with her character were ever filmed. *(I think she was in the book "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" though, so you could read that and see)

Here is the part from "Dangerous Days" where Stacey Nelkin and Ridley Scott talk about how she was cut from the movie: Replicant Mary role cut from the movie

Here is the full 4 hour documentary:Blade Runner Documentary: "Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner"


I think she was in Fanchers early draft, and she lives while Hodge is fried, in your first question about the book, and the budget matter i ignore that info. but anyway, I made another one here. Thank you for your help.



I did another this one with Edward Hopper s noir connection with Blade Runner.



Whoa! Never knew the one who got electrocuted had a name!


@LethalProtection; she wasn't electrocuted, her role wasn't filmed. I linked the video in which she explains how her part was cut from the movie. Her character, Mary, was to die of old age as her 4 year lifespan was almost up.


Montesco, I totally agree with you about Edward Hopper. I did some research and found out that although he was known for his oil paintings, he was equally proficient as a water color artist and print maker. Just check this out: Edward Hopper I think that says it all about Edward Hopper. Its so good to find people on site here who think the same way!!! Good call.



But seriously, Edward Hopper is not directly related to BR2. I was kidding.




Sorry Nostromo if I came too late to respond to you!, Hoppers BR connection is very ambiguous in my view, but Ridley relies heavily on art forever, though I have not seen he mentioned by anyone of the crew or people connected with the film, but something, there is no doubt!.



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