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Bradbury building roof (animated wallpaper)

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I see wallpaper is too large but someone interested can download* bigger clicking below, I just changed TDK designs twice again. I think is ok, now. Enjoy! :)


I love the flashing TDK sign! Great stuff, you have so much talent. Ty!


It was a rather tricky, I had to adjust the contrast of the flashing TDK sign very that they were not visibles frames and lines with the orginal matte painting, so it is so dark. Thank you.


Here another to loop the loop, with sparkle color. I m not sure if someone could see any visible lines around of the neon sign.

Albert West

This is awesome Montesco. You are very talented...


I'd like to see that without the text ontop, it looks smart for sure


Thank you Albert and Freeze for your support. Freeze, without text ontop here the original one, if you prefer it.



you welcome. Another one without txt.


Awesome!! I love it!!


Those are so cool Montesco!


Svanya, give me the gold medal for the last one, hahahaha. :)



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